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Year 3 Homework


Miss Evans and Miss Hughes will be keeping this page updated with homework, websites and fun ideas to ensure children continue to learn. 

Daily Challenge!


Well done to everybody who participated in yesterday's challenge. Today's challenge: create the most interesting sandwich. Weirdest combination wins! Post your entries to the Wollescote Facebook page or email us your photos or videos. You have 24 hours. Good Luck! smiley

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If you have any issues or you would like some advice, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Year 3 team.

Praise of the Week



Well done to everyone who has worked hard this week! We love to see so many of you on Bugclub, TTRockstars and Spelling Shed! We're so proud of you!yes Keep it up!


This week's winners are:

Cherry, Robert and Riley
Raihan, Robert, Ruby and Tiana
Lilly, Ben, Cherry, Ayan, Hadia and Zara

Daily Tasks

Please make sure you are going on Bug Club, TTRockstars and Spelling Shed daily. You'll find the links below:


**Message to Parents**

Please make sure your children are responding to questions on Bug Club sensibly and appropriately. These answers will be checked and marked weekly. Thank you.

Weekly Home Learning Packs

Here you will find the weekly work packs for the next 2 weeks. Attached with these you will find separate answer booklet documents. These are the same as the work packs given to you at the end of school.

Additional work packs will be added the weekend before the following week commences (not including the Easter holidays). Thank you for all your hard work and support during this difficult time!

Science Task of the Week


WB 23.3.20

This week your mission is to have a go at one of the experiments in the video below or come up with your own. You will have to:


  • Design how you will carry out your experiment.
  • Carry out your experiment.
  • Create a poster, powerpoint or written conclusion, explaining what happened during the experiment.

Topic Task of the Week

Your topic mission this week is to create a rivers habitat. You will need to include different animals that live in the river. Before you make it, see if you can find a variety of different animals to put into your project. You could make a shoe box with hanging fish, a painting, a photo collage or any other creative ways of showing off your habitat. below is a video of how to make paper craft fish to help get you started. Good Luck!

Mindful Breathing

Stressed? Try the mindful breathing exercises in the video below!

Literacy Links  

Below you'll find some links for literacy. These links cover grammar and spelling as well as providing writing opportunities:


Videos and images to inspire writing. Ideas on what to write are found below each video-


A set of grammar, punctuation and literacy based games-


A set of videos and games to help learn literacy skills-


A set of activities and powerpoints based on literacy-


A Youtube channel with songs to teach kids about grammar-


Another Youtube channel with songs to teach kids about grammar-

Maths Links

Below you'll find resources designed for maths:


White Rose- Home learning for kids


Live Maths Lessons


Woodlands Primary -Maths games


BBC- Maths guides and games

Science Links  

Here are some great links to educational (and very fun!) science activities. Enjoy!

Science Museum Resources


Marvin and Milo Experiments


Ogden Trust Phizzi Activities


Sublime Science Experiments


Science Sparks Science Activities


Explore Investigations and Scientists!

Other Resources you may find useful: 

Below you'll find a list of links where you can get printable activities for your child.


Twinkl- Currently free during the school closures. You will need an account.


Tes- A teacher run website with a variety of resources. You will need to sign up to a free account.


Teacher's Pet - You will need an account to access these resources but do not need to pay.


Primary Resources- A site dedicated to providing powerpoints and activities for lessons. No account required.


RM unify- Online resource containing different apps. The apps all have different activities and games to cover the whole curriculum as well as entertain. The children will need to long on using the same username and email that they do for logging onto the school computers.



ICT games- a variety of educational games-


Topmarks- various educational games-