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Miss Hudson and Mrs Southwood will be keeping this page updated with homework, websites and fun ideas to ensure children continue to learn throughout the school closures.

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If you have any issues or you would like some advice, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Year 1 team.



We will be checking Bug Club and Spelling Shed for the children who are doing fantastic reading and spelling!

Well done to these children!

Readers of the Week

Hajira and Tanzeela

Spellers of the Week

Umaymah and Musa

Daily Tasks

Please ensure that you are accessing Bug Club and Spelling Shed daily. If you do not know your logins please contact us!

Phonics! Please continue to access phonic activities at home! Here are some activities that you can use to support phonics at home:

Here are some useful links:

Phase 2

Phase 2 tricky word song

Phase 2 sounds


Phase 3

Phase 3 tricky word song

Phase 3 sounds


Phase 5

Phase 5 tricky word song

Phase 5 sounds




Here are some extra maths resources!


Counting in 2's song:


Counting in 5's song:


Counting in 10's song:


Number bonds to 10:


Doubling numbers:



Here are some great links to educational (and very fun!) science activities. Enjoy!

Science Museum Resources


Marvin and Milo Experiments


Ogden Trust Phizzi Activities


Sublime Science Experiments


Science Sparks Science Activities


Explore Investigations and Scientists!

PE Homework WB 23.03.2020


Sports Activity - KS1 Throwing and Catching


1) Throw the ball at head height focusing using your cup with your hands

2) Same as above but this time bring in a clap before you catch the ball/object


CHALLENGE - How many claps can you do before you catch the object?


Try the obstacle challenge in the YouTube video 

Resource Links

These websites allow you to have free access to learning resources. You will need to sign up for an account: