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The curriculum forms the basis for our learning and the experiences our children enjoy during their time at Wollescote.


At Wollescote The curriculum includes: History, Geography, Art, DT and Music. 


We are proud that our curriculum goes beyond the statutory National Curriculum for England and encompasses creative and cultural opportunities.


The curriculum we offer enables us to ensure that every child develops the key learning steps and receive experiences and opportunities to develop their knowledge and skills in different ways. We ensure that learning at Wollescote broadens the values and opportunities for child as they grow and develop.


Topics are usually planned for one term and will end with a ‘real life outcome’.


Subject leaders track coverage of subjects against the 2014 National Curriculum. They will liaise with teachers to ensure that coverage is met.


We ensure that there is progression between year groups by using the progression document below.



Non- core curriculum Progression document