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Hi Nursery Parents,


We hope you are all keeping safe and enjoying time with your children safe at home.


We also hope you are enjoying doing some of the practical activities that were sent out in the home learning packs. If you have any questions or queries about the tasks please message us below.


We will regularly update this page with some different practical challenges and creative activities.


See you all soon

From Miss Waldron and Mrs Shaw

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If you have any issues or you would like some advice, please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Nursery team.

Challenges week beginning 18.5.20


Phonics challenge:

Oral blending and segmenting: Rupert the robot can only speak by saying the sounds in each word. Can you work out what Rupert is saying? Blend the sounds together to read the words. (An adult will need to sound out the words below for the children to blend together). 

c - a - t       d - o- g      p - i - g     m -a -n       b -u -s      b- oa- t     sh - ee- p     f - ar -m    v -a - n



Sound discrimination:

Can you play 'I hear with my little ear' with an adult or member of your family? Take it in turns to imitate the sound of something and then guess what it is that makes that sound. You could copy recognisable sounds from around your house such as a clock ticking, a telephone ringing or a dog barking. 

Maths Challenge 


Using your number cards from your home learning pack, can you peg the correct number of pegs onto each card?  Look at the picture below as an example. You could use pegs or paper clips. Remember to count carefully and recount to check your work!  

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Creative challenge 


Can you make some frozen ice paints? Simply fill an ice cube tray with water and add some paint into each section. Pop them in the freezer overnight and then have lots of fun creating colourful pictures using your frozen paints. Remember to post photos of your artwork on our Facebook page so we can see your fantastic work! Have fun! 

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Science Challenge 


Have a go at the 'Magic Milk' experiment! 



1. Pour some whole milk into a shallow dish or bowl. 

2. Add some drops of food colouring to the milk. 

3. Add a small amount of liquid soap to the centre of the milk. 

4. Watch carefully as the colours dance around the surface of the milk! 

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Challenges week beginning 11.5.20 


Have a go at the challenges for this week Nursery. Don't forget to upload any photos of your work and activities on the school's Facebook page. Have fun! 


Phonics Challenges 

Environmental sounds: Go on a listening walk! You could go around your house or around an outside area with an adult. Practise listening carefully to all the different sounds you can hear. Talk about the sounds that you heard? Were they sounds you recognised? Were they loud or quiet sounds? Were they long or short sounds? 


Make your own noise makers: Think about different objects that make noises and gather them together in a box or bag. Use one of the objects to make a sound for someone else to guess and identify. You could include things such as keys, an empty crisp packet or coins in a pot. 


Make your own musical instrument: Can you use an empty box or tube to make your own musical instrument?  What will you need to use to make it make a noise? Look at the examples below for some great ideas. We would love to see what you make on our Facebook page! 

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Maths Challenge - Coin sorting

Ask an adult for a range of coins. Can you sort them by size, shape or colour? You could also sort them by looking carefully at what number is on each coin. How many coins have you sorted? Don't forget to count carefully, touching each coin with your finger as you count! 

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Creative Challenge - Rock painting 

Can you collect some rocks of different sizes from outside? Have a go at painting each rock. You could create rock people/animals like the ones below or paint a colourful pattern. Have fun!  

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Speaking and Listening Challenge 

Talk to an adult about what you can see happening in the picture below. Where might the children be? What are they doing? How do you think they are feeling? Would you like to go there? What would you choose to play on? 

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Challenges week beginning: 4.5.20


Hi everyone! We hope you are keeping safe at home whilst having lots of fun! We would love to see you having a go at the challenges for this week. Remember to post any photos onto our Facebook page so we can see what fun you've been having at home. 


Phonics challenge 


Voice sounds: Use your voice to make sounds like a car, a dog, a train and a buzzing bee. 

Body percussion: Play 'Follow the leader' with your family. One person chooses some body percussion (for example, clapping hands, patting your knees, clicking your fingers) and the rest of your family have to copy. Take turns to be the leader! 


5 Senses Scavenger Hunt 


Can you go on a scavenger hunt around your house and find the following things: 

  • something smooth
  • something rough 
  • something that makes a noise
  • something round 
  • something blue 
  • something that has a smell
  • something long 
  • something short
  • something soft
  • something hard
  • something you can eat 

Good luck! 

Measuring activity 


Draw around your hand. Cut it out (an adult may need to help you) and decorate it. Repeat so that you have 10 handprints similiar to the photo below. Your challenge is to then use your handprints to measure the length of 5 objects from around your home. For example, your train may be 2 handprints long whereas your colouring book may be 4 handprints long. What is the longest and shortest object you can find? 



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Cooking challenge 


Work with an adult to see if you can follow the instructions on the recipe below to make rainbow fruit kebabs. We would love to see some photos of what you make! 

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Some more links have been added for interactive games further down the page in the 'Learning Links' section. Go and take a look! 

Challenges week beginning 27.4.20 


Maths challenge - Draw 5 frogs (or ask an adult to help you). Ask an adult to then cut each one out. Sing '5 little speckled frogs'. Take one frog away each time a frog jumps into the pool. How many have you got left? Remember to count each one carefully. Touch each frog with your finger as you count. 


Have a look further down the page at the 'learning links' section. Some links to online interactive Maths games have been added! See if you can have a go at completing these fun Maths games!  

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Creative challenge - Toilet roll aliens! 

Save your empty toilet rolls. Using paint or felt pens can you turn them into aliens? Give your aliens an alien name. Don't forget to upload any photos of your aliens to our Facebook page! We would love to see them! 

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Reading challenge - Ask an adult to read you one of your favourite stories from home. Talk about which character is your favourite and why.



Writing/ mark making challenge 

Can you draw a picture of your favourite character from the story you read? Can you have a go at writing (this will be mark making) the name of your character? Don't forget to write your own name on your work using your name card to help you. 

Challenges week beginning 20.4.20


Hi everyone!


We hope you all had a great Easter break and are enjoying your time at home.  


Below are the challenges for this week. Enjoy! 


Reading Challenge - Share a story with your child. Talk about what you can see happening and encourage your child to do the same. Can they tell you what their favourite part of the story is and why they like that part? 


Maths Challenge - Placing and arranging - Can you collect as many objects from around your garden or when you are on your daily walk as you can? Collect objects such as stones, leaves and sticks. Can you make a picture or a pattern using the objects that you have made? Talk about what shapes, patterns and pictures that you have made. 


Writing Challenge - Can you have a go at writing your first name using the name cards sent out in your home learning packs? Keep practising to make sure you are really confident at writing your name for when you start Reception! 


Science Challenge - A fun activity! 

Cut the bottom off an empty plastic bottle. Use an old sock to cover the bottom of the bottle. Put water and washing up liquid into a bowl and mix together using the sock end of the plastic bottle. Take the lid off the bottle and blow into it. Now you have made your own bubble machine! Watch the bubbles pour out of the bottle! 

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Challenge week beginning 30th March 2020

This week's challenge is a creative one! Can you work with an adult to make some moon sand? Moon sand is a sand that can be moulded and playing with it has many benefits for learning. 


Benefits of sand play:  

  • development of fine motor skills 
  • eye and hand co-ordination 
  • promotes creativity 
  • develops sense of touch 
  • language development 


How to make moon sand:

Mix together 8 cups of all purpose flour and 1 cup of baby oil. Keep mixing until a crumbly dough is formed. 


Add moulds, spoons and small world toys to extend the play. Have fun:) 

Challenge week beginning 23rd March 2020


Can you go on a shape hunt around your house and collect as many different shapes that you can find? Can you sort them into squares, triangles, rectangles and circles? Are there any other shapes you can find?


Can you make a shape picture? (e.g. a rocket or a house)


Have fun!

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