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Parking at Wollescote

Dear Parents,

As you are all aware parking is an issue before school and at home times.


There seems to be an increase of cars, all competing for parking spaces in the roads around our school at key times of the day. We know that it can be very frustrating if there is nowhere for parents to park when they need to.


At Wollescote, we are always be committed to keeping our children safe. In addition, it is always our intention to be considerate to our neighbours who live in the roads around the school.  


Therefore, we request that all of our parents help us in the following ways:


1.    Please walk to and from school if this is at all possible

2.    Please be considerate when parking. DO NOT park on our yellow zig zags or across our neighbours' driveways

3.    Please be polite to our neighbours at all times, even if they ask you to move your car


It would be most appreciated if you could do your part to help us keep the roads around our school safe at all times for our children and neighbours.


Many thanks.


Mrs Quigley

Head Teacher