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The Maths Curriculum Years 1 to 6 is delivered through a progression of units across the school year. Calculation strategies are taught each term following the school's policy on progressive calculation strategies. The Early Learning Goals are followed to ensure continuity and progression from the Foundation Stage through to the National Curriculum. Children in Year 1 are assessed against the National Curriculum in December. Pupil provision is related to attainment, not age.


· Maths lessons are taught in mixed ability classes by class teachers, where specific needs are met through the use of differentiation or intervention. 

· Sets are sometimes used where it is felt by the SLT that this will best serve the needs of the children (for example, in year 6). 

· Times tables are taught outside of Maths lessons using challenge format, where children progress through increasingly challenging times tables tasks.


At Wollescote we recognise that the best maths teaching takes place in fun lessons where the children can work practically and with a degree of collaboration. We focus on the basics first and foremost, acknowledging that the broader maths curriculum will be easier to handle if the prerequisite learning foundations are in place. We believe that the children should apply their understanding to a range of situations to help them to master the techniques being used.